Decorative Week LXX

This time Yes, we returned, do not do as the Guadiana and back again, as every Sunday, to share with you in our decorative week those blogs that have especially drawn our attention by their findings, your inspiration or interesting experiences in the last seven days.

  • Galiana Street have also given terminate definitely your holiday, so they have decided to keep safe their sunglasses. For this reason been conditioned as Cabinet an old key of hotel that found in a flea market: you took the sheet back, you placed a new lined by a fabric of Lunar, layer of paint, Twine with chincetas and ready. Precious, as everything that passes through their hands, and very useful to have the goggles protected from scratches and ready to take advantage of the last rays of summer sun.
  • We talked about in our decorative last week the possibility of having a toilet in the bathroom, Although it was small. In Naifandtastic they are also thinking about doing something similar, closed with a beautiful curtain not to see the inevitable hodgepodge in lower carts.
  • In month Caprices Belges we also find ideas for the bathroom, images of antique mirrors, hydraulic tiles and details that turn them into small works of art.
  • The garden of the Muffins gives us one new entry on famous chairs and their partners. This time they found the perfect for Christina Hendricks and Rock Hudson.
  • Decorate your soul also speaking of chairs, but the kitchen. When to seek a chair ideal for the kitchen We think that get dirty too, not absorbing the grease and stains, it is resistant to heavy usage, but that is also pretty. Elisa has found all that gathered in chairs Eames which, as you know, is available in your store.
  • Passing our weekly ride on the blog of Tránsito Inicial, which shares with all of us a little more of their day to day, catch events, situations, and objects that make up your environment. And it is that she has also succumbed to the ease of photographing with decorative instagram filters.

Speaking of photos, Engadget photo club we have a contest very interesting: the prize is nothing less than a trip to Paris. To participate you just you have to say which photo you would like to have on paper and place colocarías it. And it is that in the digital era having images that we have a very special connection and need to have present physically well in sight, near us.

We wish you good luck and goodbye, recordante, as always, that if you also have a personal blog, or know one that you think is of interest for our decorative week, We’d love you to share it with us by writing to us through our contact form.

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