Do It Yourself: Preciosos Paper Frames

Often we dig with materialism, spending us money on things that could be better, more original and unique, if the hacieramos ourselves, as these precious paper frames that your photos will look beautifully.

Making our own paper frames is really simple, all necessary materials are readily available and very cheap:

  • Decorative papers (type, textured, paper bag, cards…), waste papers, zeal, scissors, pencils and pens, adhesive double-sided and some nice pictures, clear.

The first thing is create templates. We use foils that we are not going to use, such as invoices, commercial mail, etc. and cut the desired figures. The trick to make them best is to fold the paper in half twice, so that it has a quarter of its size. On the crease, cut what would be a fourth part of the framework, deploy and already have full frame.

Now, paste these templates on Nice paper that we have chosen, and we will cut with great care, taking advantage of the support that offers us the template set. For straight frames, if we have very bad pulse, we can help a rule.

Once we have our templates, the crucial moment arrives: decorate them. We can do it with geometric patterns, floral details or even random strokes. Does not need to be perfect, because sometimes the small failures give it a personal touch, but if you’re not feeling very confident, you can do a sketch with pencil first, and then review already done with a felt tip pen or permanent tip thin, preferably black.

If you have already tired of working, you can give your work to be finished, paste some pictures from behind and place the frames on the wall using double-sided adhesive. But if you’re a perfectionist, my recommendation is do you a background to the framework, using the same template, but do not cut hollow inside. Then you pegáis a part of the front of the frame, with care to leave the top side open to get the photo, and ready.

With these precious frames made by yourselves You can decorate the Hall, a wall in the office or even the vanity in the bedroom area. If you do not want to put photos yours, also can frame pieces of slate – or paint the piece of wall framing with chalkboard paint – and change the design within the framework when weary of the former.

Taking advantage of being weekend, sure that any you fancy to make them -I’m going to keep the idea for my new House – so if you do, you don’t comment on what problems you have found.