Do You Have Any Decorative Purpose for 2012?: Question of The Week

There are just a couple of days for the new year and surely many of us already have thought a good handful of purposes to accomplish in the coming months. We’d like to know if there is any related decoration among them, so that our question of the week ES:

Do you have any good decorative purpose for 2012?

Reform the kitchen, have the cleanest House, putting flowers every week, close the terrace, installing artificial turf, buy a new sofa… We would like that we the contarais all Decoesfera replies: do you have any good decorative purpose for 2012? The coming week we will share with you the most valued responses.

The question of the week: tables and extra chairs for the holidays. How so you uncompleted?

As you know last week I asked about your tricks to provide tables and chairs extra on holidays. The most valued response has been that of Safemen:

Well, today at my house from my parents is made with several tables we have, so that there is no problem, but as I have already explained once, I remember much when I was small, my father to hook a gate took away the hinges and the handles and two easels to a table. With the door and the dining room had 25 table person… or more, great memories that bring together family not supposed hard 🙂

You know that you can use our section of Decoesfera safe responses to raise your decorative questions to the community, which will help you to resolve them.