Exchanging Furniture and Decor Items: Social Networking

The unstoppable evolution of social networks in Spanish has also reached the exchange of objects. So far if better change of decoration the most commonly used option was to go to web sites for buying and selling, to get rid of those used furniture that were still in good condition either or to purchase them at a reasonable price.

We now have one alternative: the Exchange. In Truekalo You can Exchange everything you want, even the vase that you got for the wedding, for objects that you like more than other users. The use of the platform is completely free and you can list up to ten objects to exchange within the categories available.

Among them are one of House and garden where, at the moment can we find, along with other things, a sofa bed from Ikea, a miniature tea or a new classic shower game.

In Truequi they not only want to Exchange objects but also to give them life. This way you can keep track of your beloved vase and see where has gone, how have placed you, or if – unfortunately – broke with a pitch. The idea is to establish relationships with other users from objects, collections, or common hobbies.

It is also free, your navigation is very simple and you can subscribe to categories. Among them are the of Home, but as the platform is only just released have been able to find an object: a figure of Homer Simpson, which in turn is a piggy bank. Who knows, is just what you were looking for.