Five Years of Decoesfera, How to Get Them The Maximum Party

Today we are celebrating a very special celebration because in Decoesfera we meet our first five years. Really seems that was yesterday when Antonio Ortiz, our Director of strategy publishing, gave the Welcome to all to the new blog, but already knows, the time goes flying.

As you know Decoesfera belongs to Weblogs, S.L., the company’s leading weblogs in Spanish, with 83 million page views per month according to the latest published data. So behind Decoesfera not only we are editors, Patricia currently, Marta, Miquel, Raquel, Fran, Maria and myself, but an entire team of editorial and technical support aimed at improving the experience of readers every day.

And is this without you, that we read, comentais, aportais and share, would be nothing. For this reason we thought would be a way to thank you for your continued support do a review for the most important features that have been incorporated throughout these five years, to know how to take full advantage of this continuous improvement, ultimately work to find out how to get all the juice to our blog.

How to read Decoesfera

Apart from the classical way, by visiting our website, also have other many ways to read Decoesfera and not miss any of the posts we publish daily. If you look on the left side of our head, just under that sofa Chester that we both like, there are a few icons that explain it. The first corresponds to the mobile version, for those who love the new devices. Below are two ways a little more traditional, designed for those who like to enjoy things more calmly, the RSS subscription through the reader that you want to and the possibility of receiving daily a mail e with all published articles. If you prefer social networks you can also follow us via our facebook page or our twitter account. And finally, in addition to all this, we offer you the possibility of installing a widget directly on your desktop for us to always have, ye do not say that we we do not what you easy.

Investigate, explore, learn more

If after reading any of our items stay eager to know more about this topic you have at your disposal different possibilities. Each of our posts is classified within one category generally, you can see them on the left side of our blog, which in turn is part of one of our four sections: spaces, styles, and other resources. This category also appears on the title of the post, so both from there and from the side bar you can click to delve into it and see more related posts.

Apart from this first general classification, we have other more particular: labels or tags, that you can find on the left side of the bar that appears at the end of each post. Let us take an example to make it look better, a post about a child’s bedroom will be rated in the spaces section, within the category of bedrooms and tagged children’s bedrooms.

To facilitate the task of scanning include at the end of each post dialog box you can see on these lines. Since you have access to the page of brand, to the category which is rated item, to different related posts with that category and the answers section, if you’ve been with any questions.

On our front page you can also find other ways know more, exploring the highlights of the left, exploring content recommended the lower apron, or simply making use of the useful search engine that I have placed in the header.

Participate, comment and share

Decoesfera would be nothing without its community of users. Participate in it is really very simple, just have to register with your email, with your OpenID account or your facebook username. If you are on other blogs of weblogssl users you can use that same ID either, if you have multiple accounts, linking them into one for ease.

Be registered not only allows you to vote y comment in our blog, also will allow you to have your own user page. Thanks to it you can introduce yourself to your fellow readers, link to your web site, easily follow those conversations that you’ve left any comment, select experts, something very useful, Save those posts more have been you interesting and that you have well located within your Favorites.

If you wish to send us any clues or ask us how to share a photo of your House or some work that you’ve done also we have at your disposal our contact form, which can be accessed from the bottom of the blog, right next to the help, if you stay with any questions.

Answer questions

And speaking of doubts, little more than one year ago released which, so far, is our last section: Decoesfera answers, a place to raise and resolve all questions arising at any time us around the world of home and decoration.

Its operation, we explained in his day, is very simple. Once logged in you can access directly through the tab that appears in the header of the blog either, if you prefer, leave your question in the space that appears at the end of each post. When you’ve formulated your question you can then add a more detailed explanation, classify it according to the categories that you will find to the left and adding tags so everything is neat and easier to locate.

There same can go to know if there are answers, questions that have not been resolved yet, or resolve them yourself by adding your two cents, your opinion or advice to an already open issue. We usually open a new one every Wednesday in our question of the week, of course you are invited.

Here our review of the most important features of Decoesfera, We encourage you to try, to investigate and to delve into each and every one of them, we are confident that you are going to discover a lot of things that maybe so far is you had overlooked. And above all, thank you, thank you very much for having us accompanied during these Five years, We expect of heart are many more.