Furniture in Transformation: the Eroded Series of IM Lab

The study IM Lab was founded in 2008 by Alessandro Isola and Supriya architects Mankad with a project design development towards a clear direction: to adapt creativity to the need for change.

Flexibility and modularity are the keywords that inform the design of projects duo, to make them open to new configurations, additions or modifications as needed and inspiration.

The furniture of the series Eroded seem perfectly represent these beliefs, being formed by several additions can be assembled in different combinations.

Each piece is made ​​of cork covered on some sides with a layer of colored felt. The softness and elasticity of the materials seem to agree well with that of forms, dynamic and smooth, inspired by the natural erosion process in which a compact material like stone is gradually hollowed and shaped by water or wind. Think of yourself as the individual sessions or put together, the components can Eroded, inversion, turn into shelves, tables and cabinets playing with the combination of shapes and colors. Almost like a game, it will be a snap to change the layout and create new forms to renew a environment. Just follow the inspiration and a bit ‘of creativity!