Furniture of Banak in Come-Privee

While most of the outlets online they are also dedicated to the liquidation of surplus of fashion we can find interesting articles of home and decoration, especially textile, tableware, accessories for cooking and small appliances, as we have seen on several occasions in Decoesfera. What does not typically is to find furniture, in fact this is the first time we see them here.

The surprise have taken it me this morning, when I opened the daily mail come-Privee: there was the sale of Banak, from today until next Monday, March 15. Perhaps the economic difficulties that is passing mark in recent months, which have taken her even to the suspension of payments, were the reason. In any case, the offer is truly interesting.

The selection you see above correspond to your brand Banak importa, with furniture of colonial style. It’s parts mainly made of teak wood and fibres of rattan, as the Chair of the image, now on sale for 85 euros, when before it was 218. The table of television, with holes for storage, is also significantly lowered: 538-215 euros. And the furniture of television, with doors to hide it, cost 1126 and now only 375.

This image corresponds to different models of Casual Banak, contemporary, functional, with straight lines and metallic finishes and colours black and white.

The extendable dining table, 65 to 130, and is metal and glass 249 instead of the 569 before. The coat rack with mirror 49 euros, instead of 111. And the curious coffee table with plugs to work comfortably, costing 346, now can be ours for only 155.

Web de vente-Privee will find also other models, all with a guarantee of 2 years presenting the Bill. There you’ll see also that, in keeping with the commitment made at the end of 2007, Banak planted a tree for every piece of furniture sold, in accordance with its plan of reforestation and regeneration of forests in Central Java. We expect the conflict that is going through not do you withdraw.