G.S. Furniture U.S.

G.S. Furniture U.S.

G.S. Furniture

G.S. Furniture U.S.



Brand facts:

  • – G.S. Furniture brings customers the best dining room furniture in the best styles, quality, and price for a value that cannot be beat.
  • – Quality is one of the top concerns for G.S. Furniture and in each manufacturing facility, trained Quality Control personnel are on site to ensure that your furniture meets the company‚Äôs high standards and will last you for many years to come.

Main Categories:

Dining room furniture


Time and place: 1974, U.S.

Early products: tables, stools

For G.S. acronym, please see it on this URL.

Headquarter Location:

California, U.S.

New Arrivals:


Price Range:

USD 78 – USD 1874

Worldwide Locations:

Across U.S.

Official Website:



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