Graffiti decoration: Tips and Inspirations in 16 Pictures

In the 1970s, young people began to color the streets of New York with inscriptions expressing the reality of the city’s streets. Over time, the signatures of names of artists who used walls as his paintings began to show a greater aesthetic sense and more elaborate visual compositions.

Since then, the graffiti has gained ground in the cities of walls around the world and here in Brazil it was not different. Several controversies revolve around these drawings, but it is undeniable that the graphite already stated as an artistic movement.

Therefore, the website met 16 inspiring images and tips for bringing street art into the house.

There are no rules for using graphite decoration but it is important to choose the design that best matches the rest of your environment, both in color and in the traces.

Graffiti decoration Tips and Inspirations in 16 Pictures 1

The colors and the variety of elements are registered brand of graphite, and so stamp the wall of a drab room with drawings and inscriptions can be a great idea to give more movement and life to the environment.

A valid tip is to use the graffiti in areas ready to receive friends for social gatherings or places to listen to music and relax. The children’s room can make drawings of superheroes, princesses or any other character.

Being an art and craft work, it may have cost a little higher value of wood panel wall clock ranges from R $ 700 to R $ 5000, depending on the artist and the selected image.

Most often, it is not necessary that the residents leave the room so that the painting is made in the case of very large figures made with spray, the smell is a little more intense, so you can only stay in place with masks breath. Depending on the size of the image, the process can last from 1 to 3 days.

Graffiti decoration Tips and Inspirations in 16 Pictures 2

Furthermore, they are more durable than wallpaper, since the drawings do not need to be completed, do not tear and does not suffer degradation.

Remember to be careful when executing the painting: line the floor with a cardboard mat and protect the furniture with plastic canvas. The paint spray can permanently damage the objects and the ground.

The interesting graffiti is that it can follow aesthetic for different ages, tastes and preferences. And so it can be used in many different environments, such as university apartments, double rooms, children’s bedroom, living room or where you and your friends get together.

Graffiti decoration Tips and Inspirations in 16 Pictures 3

Movement, personality, attitude, graffiti can add expressiveness and taste to your environment.