Guide Panels: 6 Amazing Ideas to Use Them in Decorating

Wall Clocks

Exposing photos of special moments, set important reminders, hold decorative objects and even assist in the organization of the environment: in addition to charming, the panels are very functional.
We’ve put together ideas, installation tips and use of panels in your home decor in this guide.

Perforated Panel

Also known as pegboard panel, perforated panels are parts usually made of plywood with holes made in rows and columns.

They are more common in garages, workshops and warehouses, but the interior is also appropriating the use of these panels design.

When installed on the wall, they can receive any type of hook, clip or snap, so saw a great support for containers or small shelves. The environment is more organized and the layout of objects on the panel can give a special charm to the decor.

Perforated panels can be applied in every room of the house with handmade clocks, worth to organize crayons in containers in the nursery or gardening trim objects.

Guide Panels 6 Amazing Ideas to Use Them in Decorating 1

Cross Stitch Panel

A more handmade and personalized way of using the panels drilled home is fabricate a kind of frame in cross stitch.

The idea is simple: with varied colors wool yarn, fill the plate holes in the form of “x” to form the design of your choice.

But beware: the proportions of the pegboard panels are different from the conventional cross point: the holes have 2 cm distance between them and, therefore, the design can be much higher

Magnetic Ink

If you think you add a panel in your environment can pollute your decor or can not match the rest of the objects, magnetic ink is the solution.

The product acts as a primer: it is applied before the color ink, forming a magnetized layer on the wall. Generally, these inks are available in shades of gray but are suitable to receive layers of other inks on top.

Guide Panels 6 Amazing Ideas to Use Them in Decorating 2

The application of magnetic ink is ideal for children and adolescents a room allows toy magnets are glued to the wall and thus can stimulate creativity.

An important detail is that the magnetism of the ink does not support objects with considerable weights. Small magnets, papers and tickets can be wall mounted, but small containers or larger toys can not get stuck.

Cork Board

The cork panels are the most common in offices or enterprise environments. To use it in home decor, worth betting on personalization of the piece. It is good practice and values ​​the authenticity of their environment.

These panels have a porous surface that makes easy fix tacks or pins. To customize the first idea is to coat the entire surface with a fabric color and pattern of your choice. Take the monotony away and improve the visual appearance.

If your idea is to keep the rusticity of the piece, available in small decorative objects panel. They give a special touch without taking functionality.

Board Panel

Following a different principle from the other suggestions above, the board panel does not serve magnet support and has no practical mechanisms to support containers or decorative objects.

The idea is that you can write your reminders directly on the panel and the decor is up to the creativity of their designs. It is an alternative that leaves no cool and unusual setting.

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Dispense Panels

If you want to bet on a minimalist decor and think insert a panel in your environment may be synonymous with visual pollution, forget these parts.

In these circumstances, a good idea is to stretch a small length of string and attach each end on two nails, a kind of mini-clothesline will form and thus, you can also display photos, notes, and other items using preachers or other barrettes.

Guide Panels 6 Amazing Ideas to Use Them in Decorating 3

Bringing functionality to good taste, the panels fit into any environment and in any room. Choose the ideal for your project.