How to convert a conventional bed into a box spring bed Part 1

How to convert a conventional bed into a box spring bed Part 1

In recent years box spring beds , which are also known as American beds because of their origin, have become more and more popular in Germany. The high-quality bed systems, which are characterized by a three-part structure consisting of a spring core box, mattress and thin topper mattress, are therefore now available in a large variety of models and many different designs. In addition to the offers for complete box spring beds, there is also the option of retrofitting or equipping existing beds or conventionally designed bed frames with a high-quality box spring sleeping system. In the following article we will explain how this works and what you have to pay attention to.

Complete self-construction planned? Then read on here:

If you came across this article because you are interested in building a box spring bed entirely yourself, we would like to refer you to our relevant article in which we explain this topic in detail.

With the right components for a full-fledged box spring bed

The path from a bed system with the typical slatted frame and mattress to the three-part box spring system leads through the correct selection and combination of the individual bed components. In the online shop we have the pre-configured box spring insert system “Kingston” in our range, with which you have many options for realizing your personal dream box spring bed, taking your individual requirements into account.

The box: spring base with ergonomic added value

The biggest difference between a conventional bed and a bed with a box spring system is that in a box spring bed a box with a spring core fulfills the function of the spring base, which in conventional bed systems is usually made by using a slatted frame. The first important measure for converting a conventional bed to a box spring bed is therefore to replace the slatted frame with a spring core box. In the online shop, we offer you a 16 cm high box with a high-quality pocket spring core (already 300 individual springs in the smallest size of 80 × 200 cm). This box gets its stability from a spruce wood frame. For good insulation, the box has a 800 g / m 2 on both sides provided with felt. A high-quality double jersey cover serves as the outer coat.

In the case of complete box spring systems, the box not only functions as a spring base, but also as a substructure and frame component of the bed. It is therefore provided with upholstery fabric (on the visible sides) and equipped with bed legs at the bottom. With our box for equipping conventional beds, the box only takes on the function of the spring base. As with the slatted frame, it is therefore only inserted into the (existing) bed frame.

Please note that the bed frame must have an insertion depth of at least 18 cm for the box to be inserted.

The mattress: decisive for the degree of hardness

In addition to the pocket spring box, you can choose from three types of mattresses in different degrees of hardness, which largely determine the comfort of the sleeping system. All mattresses have a moisture-regulating drill cover. The premium and luxury mattresses are also equipped with a side air conditioning system, which ensures the best breathability. Alternatively, the premium and luxury models can also be ordered with a fabric insert on the side.

The simplest version is the basic mattress with 5-zone pocket spring core. In the smallest size (80 × 200 cm), this mattress contains 330 flexible individual springs. Equipped with a 2 cm high comfort foam cover on both sides, the basic mattress, which is only available in hardness H3, has a height of 20 cm. In addition, the mattress is wrapped in a non-removable cover quilted with climate fibers (190 g / m 2 ). With this feature, the mattress is suitable for people with a body weight of up to 100 kg who want a more resilient, soft lying feeling and primarily sleep on their back.

The premium mattress with a 7-zone pocket spring core is recommended for all sleeping positions and offers people with a body weight of up to 150 kg a comfortable lying feeling. In the smallest size of 80 × 200 cm, it has 450 individual springs in the core. The cold foam studded panels that surround the mattress core are 4 cm high on each side of this mattress. A drill cover quilted with climate fibers (400 g / m 2 ) and fitted with a climate border on the side also ensures excellent breathability. This can be removed if necessary and washed at 60 ° C. All components taken together result in a total height of 24 cm.

In addition to the H2 hardness level, the premium version is also available in an H3 or H4 version. Depending on the selected degree of hardness and body weight, the lying feeling conveyed by the premium pocket spring core mattress is very soft to firm and springy to less springy. Due to the ergonomic zoning and the associated optimized sinking behavior, a bed equipped with this mattress can also be used easily and comfortably by lighter people.

spring base with ergonomic added value


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