How to convert a conventional bed into a box spring bed Part 2

How to convert a conventional bed into a box spring bed Part 2

The luxury variant is a pocket spring core mattress with a division into seven lying zones in hardness H2 or H3 for people with a body weight of up to 120 kg. The spring core of this mattress has a size of 80 × 200 cm and 770 individual springs. The mattress is therefore very point-elastic and highly adaptable. Because of these properties, it is particularly suitable for side sleepers. Like the premium mattress, the luxury model also has cold foam studded panels on both sides with a height of 4 cm each and thus a total height of 24 cm. The firmness of the luxury mattress corresponds to the premium mattress in H2 or H3. The increased number of individual springs makes the mattress more adaptable, but does not affect its firmness. The equipment of the luxury variant also includes a quilted with climate fibers.

All types of mattresses in comparison

The topper: top finish with special properties

With the box spring insert system, a 6 cm high comfort foam with 7-zone division serves as a topper, which once again has a clear influence on the perceived feeling of lying down. To fine-tune your bed system, we offer additional topper variants in the online shop. All versions have removable drill covers quilted with climate fibers, which can be easily washed at up to 60 ° C.

The comfort foam topper (density 35) is characterized by pronounced surface elasticity. The surface of the foam core is strongly profiled, which means that lying on the topper is felt to be particularly soft. Comfort foam is ideal for restless sleepers, as it has a high restoring force and thus adapts directly to any changed position. Due to its special breathable properties, this topper is also recommended for people who tend to sweat more at night.

The visco foam topper (density 50) has a high point elasticity. Due to its thermoelastic properties, the topper adapts precisely to every body contour and thus ensures excellent pressure relief. It is ideal for people who want to sink in deeper and rarely change their sleeping position. Since visco foam reacts to temperatures, the room temperature in the bedroom should not be below 18 ° C.

The point-elastic luxury topper made of visco foam (volume weight 55) consists of a 6 cm high core, the surface of which is criss-crossed with numerous incisions. This allows it to adapt even better to your contours and allow you to sink very deeply and gently in order to achieve maximum pressure relief.

The cold foam topper (density 55) with a 4 cm high core adapts gently and quickly to any change in sleeping position, which is why it is very suitable for restless sleep. Compared to the comfort foam, this topper is smoother and more adaptable. In addition, cold foam with its open-pored structure ensures a balanced sleeping environment.

The luxury cold foam topper (density 55) is equipped with a 6 cm high core. The special adaptability of this topper is due to the profiled surface and the different incisions. This allows the luxury topper to adapt even better and allows a comfortable, pressure-relieving feeling to lie down.

Equipping a conventional double bed with a box spring system

If a conventional double bed with a width of more than 160 cm is equipped with the Kingston insert system, it is so that two single boxes, each half the width of the bed, are used for spring support. The mattresses and toppers, on the other hand, are delivered throughout, so as not to let any otherwise possible visitor crack arise in the first place.

Advantages of the box spring sleeping system

  • ✓While you usually have to think a lot about the right combination of slatted frame and mattress when buying a conventional bed system, with the box spring system all bed components are already perfectly coordinated.
  • ✓The three-part structure consisting of box, mattress and topper gives the bed a particularly high level of comfort, which enables you to get into the bed much more comfortably and to get out of it just as pleasantly.
  • ✓The box spring system can be individually adapted to your needs, your desired lying sensation, your body weight and your sleeping position.

Large selection of optics and type of bed frame

In order to be able to insert the box correctly into the bed frame, as already mentioned above, a minimum insertion depth of 18 cm is required. Many bed models in the range of the online shop meet these requirements. So that you can make a simple selection and gain an overview of the many possibilities, we have already put together suitable beds for the Kingston box spring insert system.

Please note that bed models with a headboard require an additional headboard extension so that the headboard is not hidden by the mattress and topper of the bed. However, this headboard extension is only compatible with the bed frames linked above.

Alternative: the innovative box spring base

Another possibility to make a box spring bed yourself while retaining existing components is the innovative box spring base “Polar”. You get a box spring base with different boxes in a variety of colors and you can continue to use your mattress. This is especially useful if you recently bought a high-quality mattress, but are now thinking about switching to a box spring bed.

Equipping a conventional double bed with a box spring system

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