How to Decorate Small Rooms 1

How to Decorate Small Rooms


There are a number of tips for decorating a small space by taking advantage of the inches precious of a particular place. Get to know 18 tips to organize a space without compromising the style and functionality of a small environment:

You know those lost objects through space? Those that do not match with the division and the decoration of your living room, kitchen… Exercise the detachment and discard what does not come by adding to the beauty of the environment, after all, there is no space to hold little things essential.

How to Decorate Small Rooms 1

The choice of color palette should fall on tones more smooth and clear that increase in a natural way, a reduced space. Prefer a monochromatic decor, selecting only one color to use it in the shades of intensity varied. Reserve the bold colors for the textile and other small details.

Natural light is the best friend of a small space, flooding it with an amazing effect that seems to increase the park’s most tiny. If it does not interfere with your privacy, avoid hanging curtains, but if you make it a point to choose a simple black-out roller or curtain lightweight and semi-transparent, always in light tones. If there are walls with functions purely decorative, you win when you eliminate or cut them to let in more light.

Along with the natural light, mirrors are one of the best features to make any space available to grow eyes: hanging or lying on the floor.

Avoid positioning furniture next to the doors of the rooms and in the passageways. Besides not being practical, will tighten even more in a space that is already small.

Even in terms of furniture, opt for large pieces, in smaller quantity, than many small pieces. The amount will take a look messy to the space, unlike a half-dozen elements of a large size that will lend a calm and structured.

Be aware that a floor visible will make any room seem larger, not covered by mats. If you do not open hand of a good rug, choose to put it only on a part of the space, always leaving some ground to the view.

Instead of having a coffee table in the living room, opt for a console long and narrow to display on the back of the sofa or a coffee table, parked to the side of the couch and that can be placed in the centre whenever necessary.

The tvs are present in every corner of the house and can be a true “rogue” in a certain space. The solution? A specific support for flat that can be fixed on walls or so models such as the LCD that are perfect for hanging.

How to Decorate Small Rooms 2

In a child’s room with reduced dimensions, it is always very easy to decorate with fun, opt for bunk beds or the bicamas “Bibox”, where one of them is camouflaged as a kind of drawer fitted under the bed from the top, and can be opened in the night and hidden by day. When it comes to the space of children, please refer to the arrumadores wall not only to decorate but also to organize.

The smaller homes also have the corridors and, although they are spaces of transit, can be decorated efficiently and with a lot of elegance. To see the runners as the ideal place to put cabinets narrow, gaining storage space, diverse or so to view a library. However, if you prefer an empty hallway, paint the walls with risks horizontal to lengthen it.

The transparent materials stretch any zone because they reflect the light and the space itself: it can be a table with a cover of glass or acrylic doors, and cabinets with glass, the chairs in transparent acrylic, a door of the box in the bathroom or a screen.

In a small kitchen, choose a table which can be fixed to the wall, and open exclusively at the time of the meals. Combine also with high stools or stackable and a stainless steel bar fixed on the countertop to organize all types of utensils.

How to Decorate Small Rooms 3

Although almost always small, and the bathrooms should be decorated. Just take advantage of your walls to install shelves in beautiful and functional, framed pictures, mirrors, sexy, a door upright rollers for toilet paper, a bench with storage inside or that serve to put the dirty clothes.

In small spaces there is nothing like betting on furniture multifunctional to decorate with style and practicality: beds with storage under the mattress, sofa beds, centre tables, benches, ottoman or ottomans that open to reveal extra storage space.

Use the art of inlaying appliances in pralereiras (shelves) or in racks and cabinets to create visually interesting and organized, without robbing you of extra space. So you will give freedom to the environment!

In rooms that are tight, replace the traditional bedside tables for cubes or shelves fixed at the same level.

Search for perfect corners that seem to small to serve any purpose interesting will be that that niche is not more than enough to mount a small office or a hideaway for reading? The space under a staircase can also accommodate a table and a bench with the phone or a shelf built to position some object. The same applies to the spaces existing in the landings of the stairs.