IKEA Already Speaks in Galician

Little more than one month ago that IKEA opened its new store in A Coruña and has recently come to light your Catalog 2011, There is nothing strange in this, but the funny thing is that these days we have heard that of the 600,000 copies of the catalog which will be distributed in Galicia, Thirty-three thousand will be in Galician.

The Galician then joins the twenty-nine languages in which IKEA Edit which is possibly the most sought-after furniture & furnishings catalog, and already is now available in all the official languages in Spain, is expected that the catalogue reaches approximately half of the Galician households, also you can get at the store and as is usual in the kiosks, in addition to being available on its website in digital version.

Which the catalogue be published in Galician It may seem perfectly normal, but it is news because not all companies do it, since essential is not, because all Galicians also understand Spanish, so many companies do not take the trouble to translate it, and IKEA He did so immediately no more reaching out to the community, I believe that the majority of Galicians this gesture liked, others should take example.