Improvements in The System of Karma in Decoesfera

In Decoesfera we keep trying to improve, little by little, the user experience in benefit of our readers. After the new functions in our system of comments and the possibility of accessing our publication through your Facebook account today we present you a new improvement: the of the user karma system.

The system of karma, materialized in the stars that accompany your profile, is addressed to rating participation readers, taking into account the quantity and quality of this. With him, we recognize the good contributions from users to the blog, both in the quality of these contributions and the level of activity and commitment with the publication.

The improved version of the system not entails a change in the karma that you had previously, it remains intact, only changes the computer system to be more equitable. The idea is to reward the most engaged and active, users whose contributions bring quality to the blog and its content, rating the interaction with the blog and get a clean and transparent system that is also robust against the most destructive users.

Thus, as you can see in the table, calculate new karma shall be taken into account up to 11 different factors, divided into three categories which, each with a relative weight, be transformed into the karma of user. As we can see the key factors When calculating it are votes to the comments made by the user, the number of users who have added it as an expert and participation in the comments of the blog, while other factors would be valued equally.

In short, just comment and receive positive feedback from other readers, don’t need also used the rest of the blog capabilities, as rate marks and vote on others. The votes have more value the more karma you have: If you receive a vote from someone with five-star will have more weight than someone with two, similar to yours will have more value to others if you have five-star.

In the new system the karma can be consult in two ways, through the stars, as we have done so far, or the numerical value between 1 and 100 that was added in the user profile.

The equivalence between star and points it would make follows:

1 star-> 0-20 points
2 star-> 21-40 points
3-star-> 41 to 60 points
4 star-> 61-80 points
5 star-> 81 to 100 points

We hope that this system of karma is to your liking, you know that we have the comments at your disposal to discuss any questions or share experiences of use.