In What Time Golden of The Design Querrias Live?: The Question of The Week

We have recently released the answers in Decoesfera section, and next to it we will begin to consider question of the week, to open a small debate that can continue in the question that will open in that section to do so. After a week, we will not only make a new question, but that we will share the answers most valued and interesting question last week.

To break the ice, and inspired by the great “midnight in Paris” of Woody Allen, a question on which I have always fantasized:

Golden time of design would you like to live?

In the film, an American writer gets to enjoy several nights in the Paris of the 1920s, knowing greats of the era such as Hemingway and Picasso, among others, to discover with amazement that they would have preferred living in an earlier time, if Belle Époque century.

You can leave your opinions in Decoesfera replies: in which golden age of design you want to live?. Remember that even if the comments are open, only the answers that you leave in the homonymous section will be voted and chosen as the best question of the week.