Looking for Home Since The IPad with The Application of Idealistic

There’s no denying that the Apple tablet has crept into our lives so much more than what most thought. Although neither has it and so many people use it as we believe, has a great impact media, so right now, If you don’t have an application for the iPad and the iPhone you’re not nobody, without exaggeration a hair.

So, to avoid losing the train, the guys at idealist, one of the best-known housing search portal, have decided to release this application that allows you to search from the iPad, and which have also released versions for the iPhone and Android.

The other day I downloaded it to tinker a bit with it and here you expose my experience.

Design and operation

The design of the application is as simple as practical, the map takes up most of the screen, showing us to our current location or the result of the search that we have performed.

Once you choose the area of search, we can choose what search options available on the side bar that, contrary to the usual, is located to the right, to give it more importance if it is to map.

We can search homes, offices, warehouses and garages, both for sale as in rent, and these will appear in the sidebar, both the map in displaying a photo of your address, housing, information and price also get if we put our finger on each of the “pins” located on the map.

When to choose one of the houses for sale, We can see all the information on housing: price, surface, rooms, photos, videos, status, seller notes, contact details… We also have the ability to save favorite housing – very useful – as well as sharing the housing via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Although it does not offer too many options, the search can be configured According to various parameters, such as the minimum and maximum price, the surface, the maximum distance from the location, the date of publication or the type of housing (attic, flat, Villa, Studio or duplex).

Among the negative aspects that the application is still a bit unstable, with a tendency to stay suspended and restarted, although that is something that will be solved with new versions.

Also worth mentioning that the picture quality can be improved, and I don’t mean the photo itself that is the seller, but its size and sharpness, because you often find very small images and pixelated, making it a disservice to the House seeking to promote.


The idealistic iPad application allows you to search dwelling comfortably from the couch, with an interface very intuitive and pretty fast, much more than the web version of the portal. In addition, being completely free, I don’t see any reason not to lower it to gossip a little between the houses for sale, good if you don’t have an iPad or an iPhone, or a mobile phone with Android.