New Tab with The Best Decoesfera and Comments with Facebook

Since a few hours ago on Decoesfera We are already enjoying a new version updated, incorporating a number of various improvements and very interesting. This is the detailed list of News:

  • As you can see in the screenshot now find a new tab in the header with “The best”. There will be the best content from the blog in recent days, selected automatically according to your comments, visits and votes.
  • Surely you recall that a few months ago we present also the brand index, where brands which we discussed in Decoesfera, including a brief summary of your data and access to the page of each one of them. In this section there are now two new sub-tabs, in addition to the “Most popular” and “Assets”, are the of “Select users” y “Select publishers”, where you will find the most voted by us editors and by different readers of Decoesfera.
  • Users who are registered on the blog with your account from Facebook Now you have it even easier to share your impressions. By checking “I like Me” will be shown a dialog box for that you can write what deseis, in a way that to give to publish will automatically appear on your wall.
  • Something that it was necessary to: now you can already respond to the comments of the third level of nesting, maintaining these new comments at that level also to make reading easy. If you remember, when he arrived at the third level of nesting there was no possibility of responding if it was not to the parent comment. Now we have that option, the replicas they can be infinite.
  • And the latest addition, also related to the comments. We add the possibility of Subscribe by email only to the answers of the user comments. You can do from the form to comment and also you can manage these subscriptions in the section for user page talks.

We hope that these improvements seem you useful and interesting and, above all, you will enjoy much of its use. Any problems that you find, don’t hesitate to tell us.