Olioboard, Application to Create and Share Environments


I’m still in my line to try all the applications Online I find related to interior design and decoration, this week has touched the shift to Olioboard, a kind of interactive whiteboard in which we can go by placing furniture, accessories and accessories which we select from a comprehensive database sorted by categories.

You must first register and create a user account and then we can already begin to create our own environments, to the right of the screen the list of objects to choose from, left a blank space in which we are placing the of our choice, we can move them, rotate, and resize. It is also creating Community, the created atmosphere can be public and other users can see it and vote on it, we can of course also share on twitter or facebook.

I think an interesting application for people who are at this time furnishing a House, for others also because things are always, but those starting from the beginning, in an application like this have the opportunity to try all kinds of combinations.

It nothing is missing, there is furniture, beds, sofas, tables and seats… Add-ins, mirrors, cushions, paper… Elements electronic e computer, TVs, laptops, mobile phones… Everything we can find in a House today and also in several styles, modern, classic, retro…

We can modify the size of each of the objects that we choose, we can rotate it as much as we want, and once we have chosen several elements, we can also vary its position relative, i.e., bring to front, send others to back, so that the whole is exactly as we wish.

Obviously if we choose something and then we don’t like we can delete it, the application allows us to do many testing as you want before you get to the final result, that we can save through your user account, or download to print in a .jpg file.

I found curious also the fact that the application intends to create community, is as a kind of social network of decoration, for now, I think that you will only vote the environments, but perhaps reach to also enable comments, it would be a good way to exchange ideas.

I have tested it in a short time and I simply chose a pair of objects of each type together, but I’ve been watching the most voted and the truth is that there are some environments very well achieved, almost seem real rather than taken from a virtual application photos.