Small Shelves with Plastic Bottles


If we count the number of bottles and plastic containers that emptied into a house in a month, sure that would be a few, not to mention that they could put together over a year and some large, especially detergents and fabric softeners for the washing and cleaning products in general and in addition there […]

Geek Decorating Ideas1

Geek Decorating Ideas


Geeks love comics, technology, science fiction and other things related to that. I don’t consider myself geek, but I love some of these things, maybe because of my husband and that’s why I decided to show you some ideas for decorating geek. If you have this style can introduce many things throughout the House, but if you’re […]

LED Decoration for Children's Room

LED Decoration for Children’s Room

Light & Lighting

In addition to greater durability and generate more energy saving than competitors, the LED still enables a much more free and creative use for the consumer. If designed properly, the LED decoration can make a difference in your living room, the bathroom and kitchen, but it is in children’s rooms that there is a greater freedom to create. Check out some […]

Wedding Cake Decorated with American Pasta


Wedding without cake is not marriage! See below 7 Inspirations from cakes decorated with American paste!  1 – Singeleza Is The Master Key The wedding itself is a time full of delicacy and romanticism. The white color, besides passing the message of smoothness that the occasion asks, also leaves any extremely delicate work.