The Catalogue Ikea 2013 Now Available in Spain

The truth is that I do not know why always arms so much commotion when at last the catalogue Ikea 2013 in Spain is available. It is probably, of all brands of decoration, the catalogue that brings less news, since that is precisely one of the maxims of the Swedish giant, few products, well-designed.

Yet, or perhaps precisely because of that, every year around this time the lovers of decoration hope his arrival as a child that waits for the Magi from the East, to see if we have behaved well and It brings juicy news or good ideas.

This year, in addition to their 328 pages of full color paper, It includes interesting news that we will be able to enjoy if we have the application of the Ikea catalogue on our mobile phone, as see different finishes of the same piece of furniture or various decorations of the same space, all thanks to augmented reality, as you can see in the video.

Also we can see this extra content without need of mobile application in the web version of the catalogue Ikea 2013, that is already available, although the experience is not the same as in the paper.