The House, Chronic a Conquest. Much More Than a Comic for Everyone

I bet some of you have already begun to write or at least have begun to think about what you are going to ask this year in your letter to the three kings. I always have the same problem, I can think of too many ideas and I can hardly decide which stay… If you the same thing happens today you’ll it still put a little harder, with the book today you teach and I am sure that now will become part of your wish list.

The House, a conquest Chronicles is the work of Daniel Torres, posted by Norma Editorial, comprising a total of 576 pages on the history of the concept of home… There is nothing! In the book combined illustration, comics and text equal parts. The story starts in the Neolithic and reaches our days with all luxury of details and is a fantastic way to see in a very entertaining way, the evolution of the relationship between humans and the houses.

Project comes in response to a need, as explained by Daniel Torres, the author, in Spain we had nothing posted in this sense and actually is a critical issue and that is part of our lives in a very direct way. The Home history is long and is for this reason that the book has 26 chapters, I confess that I have not even had time to read it whole… But I’m enjoying it to the fullest and what I have been able to see and read so far, I’ve loved in addition to seems really interesting to me.

As said it the book goes from the Neolithic to the present day and pays special attention to all those milestones that have marked the evolution of the House, from a simple shelter that protected man from nature, to the home in which our lives unfold. ES wonderful as an alternative review or study history through advances in the concept of home, even my am of pure science, the following, me is becoming really fun.

If from my depended I changed the history books of the institutes for something so, applied to a subject in which we are involved real and much more entertaining, because with these characteristics helps us to learn more. In addition to the context, the visual part also so long ago, the same story only in text would not be the same, but comics and illustrations to multiply the value of the work at all levels.

Another thing that surprises is how Torres drawing adapted to the requirements of each style as the story progresses over time: engraving to Art Decó, structuralism to the Victorian illustration or the baroque to pop-art have gone from having to fight hard to get fire to entering House and control lighting systems from your smartphone , talk soon… And is a point of view that we had never before seen in a history book, It is worth!

For those that you have curiosity I commented that the book is ideal for gift for lovers of decoration, history and culture and books in general and even I would say that especially for homes with children. It’s a very special publication, with which you can learn much and that has formatted hardcover with dust jacket of 23 x 29.8 cm, 576 pages full color and that also has a reasonable price 49,50 EUR. The book is now on sale from November 6.