The Most Original Centerpieces and Colorful for This Spring (II)

Mattresses & Beds

A week ago I spoke of some examples of table centerpieces very colorful and economical for this spring, today I bring a second installment, just as fun and you can also do your own.

Let’s start with the top, decorated with egg shells, that Yes, wash them well before using them because they deteriorate easily.

This one is one of the most curious, and is combining flowers with colored liquid, personally I don’t much like, I prefer the flowers out of the water, but as you say it is quite interesting.

The trick is to mix colors, hence the spring, and for that nothing better that used the crayons for the smallest of the House combined also with flowers.

This other part of an even easier idea, the beyond and not to confine ourselves to the vases. A tea as in this case, a former coffee or a pot of cooking can be very striking vases and give a fun touch to our floral Center.

The same thing that these cups placed upside down on flowers and candles at the top, a few really curious candelabra.