The Week LXXIV Decorative

Last week, full of rare bridges, Miss our appointment, but here we are, once again, like every Sunday, to share with you in our decorative week those blogs that have especially drawn our attention by their findings, your inspiration or interesting experiences in the last seven days.

  • In general we find the blogosphere very laborious and full of pumpkins and all kinds of Halloween ornaments, some frankly originals as the terrifying boats from Evil Mad Scientist that share in good, nice and cheap or center of squash using cuts of fabric showing on Decorareciclaimagina and which today is the image of our decorative week.
  • Work sharing in the world of recycling also is orange and round, but it is not a pumpkin, is a pouf made with two tires, now they have a new and decorative function as seat and storage.


  • We note that some seasonal change emphasizes them transforming vein, as to Anna, the Peku, which has been painted in a week two furniture and the entire room. Share with us the before and after the desktop the room of his son, which feels particularly proud because she has done absolutely everything from the wallpaper to the transformation of the desktop with spray painting.
  • Head of María-Antoinette have also used the painting to transform. In this case with the help of an aerosol that has illuminated the case of an old machine sewing with a beautiful magenta color cheering sewing corner.
  • And is that old sewing machines since then give much decorative game, from suitcases to the feet, passing by, even the thread reels. In by love to the art precisely have used one as shooter for your drawer cutouts for collage.
  • The buttons that teaches us Tapestryworkerman are not sewn with thread, but with rope. If you want to know How to place an upholsterer buttons from the padded you can not miss your funny explanations, video and photos.
  • We finished our decorative tour also with orange color, the bouquet of daisies and roses with that from the House of the Martinez we want a weekend with flowers and peace, rather than the Spanish would like to thank especially these days.

Goodbye, recordante, as always, that if you also have a personal blog, or know one that you think is of interest for our decorative week, We’d love you to share it with us by writing to us through our contact form. Until the Sunday.