Tropical Decor: Tips and Inspirations to Bet on Style

Of all the styles of decoration, the tropical is what most reflects the Brazilian energy. Typical plants, handcrafted furniture, bright colors and lightness take care of tropical environments, making it more enjoyable and intimate.

The name really speaks to the tropics, where the climate is quite defined, with abundant sunshine, dense forests, beautiful beaches and great diversity in fauna and flora.

The intention is to reconnect our home to nature, transforming the appearance of space and the lifestyle of those who live in it. If you are already in love with the style, check below our guide with tips, inspiration and all you need to bring tropicality for your home harmoniously:


In the tropical style, the main colors are blue, lilac, pink, green, white, yellow, white and beige. Not to leave the tiring decoration or extravagant, choose three or four of these colors to apply in an environment and use them with white and beige elements.

Another option is to also vary between dark tones and brighter these colors. For example, if the pads of your room have a dark or vibrant shade of green, bet on other light blue or white items.

The most interesting of this style is that all these colors match each other. So you can unleash your creativity without fear and invest in tropical colors in all areas of your home, from a sofa or wallpaper with floral print to small yellow wall clocks in the living room.

Tropical Decor Tips and Inspirations to Bet on Style 1


Printed objects are a must in any tropical environment. Butterflies, ferns, palm trees, birds, pineapples, fruit in general and even stripes are the most used options, and you can apply them on pillows, wallpaper, bedding, chairs, vases and where else you feel like.

There are patterns where the grounds are larger, and others where the elements appear in a more discreet manner. The choice depends on your taste, other decorative items in your home and face you want to give to it: smaller prints give balance to a decor that has many different colors (as the plain background appears more), while the largest call more attention and can be used as the leading element of the environment.


Another essential item for a very tropical environment are plants. Generally, plants are used in medium and large sizes, like lilies, bromeliads and palms, but if your space is small, nothing prevents you adopt the smaller species, including with colorful flowers. We have prepared a guide with 22 plants to grow in the apartment with care and characteristics of each.

Besides the green touch, the plants help to renew the ambient air and let it cooler. With increasing temperature in large cities, have a small plant or a small garden ends up being an outlet to get back in touch with nature and bring some balance to the house.



In this decorating style, nothing fabrics and synthetic materials. Give preference to natural materials such as wood, bamboo, rattan, cotton and wool. You can use these materials in furniture, pillows, baskets, plants and curtains vessels, all of these materials are very Brazilian and resistant, as well as help to reflect the atmosphere of nature indoors.

Tropical Decor Tips and Inspirations to Bet on Style 2



For the kitchen and service area, the tip is to invest in tropical colors and prints in the details, such as a board game, coasters, dinnerware and even decorative tiles. Inspire yourself with pots made with bottles of wine, table runner, place mats Sousplat and below, plus the beautiful tile flamingos:

Living Room

In this environment, the suggestion is to use wooden furniture (rustic or more smooth finish), sofas with bright fabrics, printed pads, cachepots, ceramic vessels and even a hammock or rocking chair.

Check out some options sofas, tables, vases and more pillows below:

A different option is the sofa bed in the Futon style. Japanese origin, it was created for the little room in the house. At night it was open on a tatami, and during the day was rolled up and stored in a closet. The models below have articulated structure in solid wood and mattress in 100% cotton fabric, with cotton filling and foam blankets, ensuring an environment stripped and comfortable to sleep or just sit.

Paintings and posters with tropical elements also make the environment with style and lead to tropicality to the walls, remembering that it is possible to vary patterns and colors, escaping a little of the traditional flowers and fruits.


In your room, the paintings and decorative plates of the room can be repeated. Since this is a more intimate setting, you can also be more daring and paint one of the walls with a very cheerful color or apply wallpaper.

In bedding, bet on light and fresh fabrics. If everything is white or beige, it is worth using colored or patterned pillows to create a bright spot.

Tropical Decor Tips and Inspirations to Bet on Style 3

We furniture, give preference to wood, but is not limited to a single material; a table with metal legs, for example, may also be used. To decorate, colorful pots or wicker baskets can house small plants and leave the environment more life.