Umorstvu, The More Cosmic Yugoslavia


Lately, I am seizing taste to constructivism Communist of mid-20th century, which today I bring a new photographic book sample Umorstvu, portraying the more cosmic Yugoslavia, even more than in CCCP, Communist cosmic constructions photographed, that is to say.

The photographer Jan Kempenaers the former Yugoslavia has come to offer us these beautiful images of buildings and sculptures erected during the Communist era in the Balkan country. It is of impressive constructions both by its size its so surreal, typical of a late postconstructivismo forms in which each artist and architect gave rein to your imagination.

Seen from the distance, offering weather are more shocking still, and we can get an idea of the importance that had the architecture and art in the Communist countries, If only it were to try to strengthen what later turned out to be a false grandeur and technological development.

I leave you with a small gallery where you can enjoy some of the images in the book, available for a little less than 30 euros through the independent publishing house Rome, and now joins the list of books that I want to have in my library.

See complete gallery» Umorstvu, the more cosmic Yugoslavia (12 photos)