“We Are a Large Family of Cousins”. We Interviewed a Alba Ibarz and Ines De La Vega, Creators of Our Site

The crisis we are experiencing, with disastrous consequences in the real estate market, has made that many professionals who depended on him greatly made up curious initiatives to meet and get to move forward. Apretatam Intelligentiam run than rabiat, as my Latin teacher.

The idea that seems to be more popular in the last few months is that of sites of free budgets for reforms, such as, among others, Tenders, Tecdoo or your handyman, where users publish work which want to receive quotes from different professionals here, so can choose easy and comfortably that better adapts to your tastes and needs.

The idea of the architects Alba Ibarz (Barcelona) and Inés de la Vega (Madrid) is a little different, but it is also completely free to users. They are the creators of Tengounprimoarquitecto.com, a space intended to questions about architecture and decoration through drawings, blueprints or Photomontages, as the case may be. In Decoesfera we wanted to interview them to learn a little more about your project.

How did the idea of tengounprimoarquitecto.com?

Ines: Born to strength of answering questions in the bars and end up leaving ideas missed by the napkins and tablecloths of paper in Barcelona and Madrid. We think and if this take it and do a blog?

Alba: Actually, this way when someone made us question turn on your new floor be we could reply in a more organized way and teach it to more people

How has the evolution of the blog been since then?

Alba: little by little we got down to work to create the project that we wanted to… Ricardo Llavador, an online creative and communication director for EHCDC, we baptized. Another “Cousin” designer, Daniel Sproat’s Utopikka, we created the logo, then we register the name and created a Facebook page to let us know. On 8 February 2010 we published the first post. Initially we hung doubts from friends and family. Soon left in one corner of DNA platform “Esto arreglamos lo among all” and from there the media began to take an interest, came a couple of interviews on the radio, another publication in larger DNA… and since we are receiving a considerable amount of questions from very different locations unknown.

Do you think really that an architect for reform needed?

Ines: Not necessary but recommended, contrary to what people think an architect not going to get you money and make you work, we are always on the part of the customer, we will try to they get the space they want to responding to their needs and dealing with the workers. I am sure that many reforms were abaratarian by hiring an architect, people believe that it is spending more.

Alba: Exactly, is not essential if not intervention points which may affect the structure but people having trouble seeing the architect as someone who helps them get what they want, both spatially as economic.

What to say your colleagues from your idea?

Alba: Because there is everything, most believe that it is a great idea, in fact what started as something very our is now complemented by a large team of contributors who have been joining and have placed high hopes in the project, we are a large family of cousins.

Ines: We also had criticism from people who say that do not value the work of the architect but we believe that they have not understood the idea, we make no free our work, we offer help in the first impulse, if then someone is encouraged is budget and passed through ordinary channels, although always with the philosophy of help and try to be economic the same that we carry in our respective studies in Madrid and Barcelona. Alba adds: also recommend hiring an architect (but not us) to carry out any architectural or interior design project

And the rest of professionals such as designers or technical projects of Interior design, you are not competing with them?

Ines: We do not compete with anyone, we give some initial very specific ideas, not
We get into projects, that subsequently resolves to study with a budget adapted to customer. On the other hand we opened a section of collaborations that we are open to either use our blog to teach his works.

Alba: That’s right, the blog began teaching a very initial ideas of aid as long we developed for friends or known free of charge, any architect or interior designer is more than accustomed to that. The difference is that we came to hang it on a blog.

Let’s talk price setting an example how much could it cost, approximately, your advice to get the most out of a House of 80 m2 with a comprehensive reform?

Alba: If it is just “advice” to make the most of the party that can be solved in a not-too-long meeting with the customer (more a lot of hours prior to breaking us coconut looking for the best options on the plane) teaching you everything you can do and looking for what most suits your personality and way of life, until you find the best solution between the two. That would be the part of the draft of architecture and thus to boat soon… as much 200 Euros for a whole floor to reform. If we are talking about full project (Executive project, construction management plans…) must study each case in particular. It is not the same draw a few shots of distribution detail to furniture to scale 1:20.

Ines: In my study of Madrid we follow more or less the same procedure, the first visit to the floor and the initial talk with the customer are not charged, but the further work and the planes of first gropes to corrections that are made after speaking again are around 200 or 300 euros according to housing.

What are the most requested topics or the most frequent questions that you query on your blog?

At the beginning of everything we had many doubts of decoration and best use of space, lately they win disputes with neighbors (Windows Open illegally, illegal constructions…) or doubts before if it is good idea to buy certain flats. The truth is that a bit by gusts goes.

Finally, as you can see the future of your profession, are you optimistic?

Alba: I’m optimistic and I think that architects have a very versatile profile and great adaptability and although always reduce new construction we are prepared to project different types of typologies. We can carry out projects of reforms, shops, bars, stands, ephemeral spaces…

Agnes: Yes, you have to be optimistic and above all adapt to new times. Actually this blog makes public what all the studies is done privately, so we take internet to help and to help us, no denying that this gives us advertising and is one further source to search for potential clients.

Pleases Alba and Ines who have dedicated their time to answer our questions about their space in the network which, as you can see, apart from interesting is useful and beneficial for both parties.