We Released Decoesfera Answers

You know that in Decoesfera we work to improve every day, both at the level of content and technical level, so that you, the users, can make the most of our blog. Precisely with this end launched today a new section which we are very proud: Decoesfera answers, a place to raise and resolve all the doubts at any moment may arise us around the world of the home and the decoration.

The new section is intended as a useful complement to our blog, but will not change our content, our way of doing things, nor the usual way of commenting. We simply offer a new way to participate in the community, with more visibility than a comment and with much more organization than a forum. In addition, scores of comments system is shared with the new section, so that questions and best answers will influence, positively, the final user karma.

Its operation ES very simple: Once logged in you can access directly through the tab that appears in the header of the blog either, if you prefer, leave your question in the space that now you’ll find at the end of each post. When you’ve formulated your question you can then add a more detailed explanation, classify it according to the categories that you will find to the left and adding tags so everything is neat and easier to locate.

There same can go to know if there are answers, questions that have not been resolved yet, or resolve them yourself by adding your two cents, your opinion or advice to an already open issue. We encourage you to try now with some questions that I have left sample, we look forward to know what you think.