Wonders of Our Times: the Furniture Workshop WOOD

In an era of increasingly standardized furniture fortunately there are those who with passion and enthusiasm, is opposed to the drift of the mobile mass. Wood Workshop designs and produces furniture and custom furniture using wood as raw material, for the most part recovered and unlocks the value of the more authentic ‘meaning crafts: hand work, attention to finishes and details, stud.

Workshop Wood are Ross Archer, a carpenter and restorer London transplanted in Italy, Daniele Guiducci, a mechanical engineer who works on 3D modeling and renewable energy, Silvia Bartoli, painter, interior decorator and restorer who realizes strictly hand finishes and decorations furnishings, and Leila Sadegholvaad, graphic and multimedia designer. the choice of the term workshop is not random because everyone brings to the project its expertise, passion and skills, creating a place where “things are manufactured, processed or assembled or repaired, and maybe adjusted. We ‘a laboratory where the furniture are handmade and the material almost always we will go to look for us, where others call it waste, choosing with care piece by piece in the renovation of old houses, among scraps of businesses, in shops of restorers.”

This is how the “Wonders Of Our Days” Wood Workshop: waste materials or waste that are not only a second life in the real “wonders of our time” by turning one of the contemporary issues, waste disposal precisely, in new and positive possibilities.

An example? Cover the table, which was born from the idea of ​​reusing an old table that does not like to be restored by adding more or a new interlocking plan, like the one made to measure, called La Cantinetta.

On the weekend of December 6-7-8 Workshop Wood will attend the trade show ” Matryoshka Lab Store ” in Rimini that brings together designers and creative artists of the territory, with new projects and Supplies.