You Decorate with Posters of Films?: Question of The Week

The new year always gives us a good excuse to decorate our home, either with new trends or readapting any last fashion. The question of the week It has to do with a past fashion that it seems to be becoming:

You recoráis with movie posters?

You know that thing of the posters there was a moment in which it was the most but they were gradually leaving hollow at home for another type of decoration. The truth is that lately we continue see minimalist posters They seduce us and tempt us to be placed in our homes. You you have yielded to this trend?

The question of the week: do you have any decorative purpose for 2012?

Last week we wanted to know what were your purposes for the new year, and the most valued response was the Yuyuy that we had:

Yes! Get rid of the things that I have not used in years and still keeping without a convincing and objective reason. No more boxes under the bed, not suitcases full of clothes that already I will not use, in a nutshell: clean the House 🙂 is my purpose

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